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Our History

After gaining project management experience with a local construction company as well as with the federal government, Nicole Matos decided to start Rivet Management Ltd in 2009.

 The original plan was to focus primarily on tenant improvements and to promote that  she was specifically trained as a project manager (often they can just be carpenters or tradesmen who no longer want to work with the tools). This plan was highly successful for the first year.

 Rivet was able to develop a multi floor office for Rohit Group as well as develop spas and other offices as well.  With the arrival of her second child in 2010 and her third child in 2012, Nicole decided to pull back a bit so she could focus on family.  

Nicole and her husband Tony had previous experience flipping homes and due to this, Rivet was approached to work on some smaller residential projects.  This encouraged Nicole to take schooling in design which fulfilled a childhood dream.

With her family complete, Nicole began to slowly re-introduce some larger projects and as word spread Rivet began to grow.  

In 2017 Nicole's husband Tony joined the company after years of working as a warranty manager with Jayman Homes and an inspector with New Home Warranty. Tony now manages the onsite construction teams and Nicole is still actively involved with all the designs and project management.  

Rivet still is very focused on the tenant improvements and also on larger residential projects.  The family first philosophy still exists within Rivet which shines through when you meet our staff and influences the projects we align ourselves with.  There will always be a face to go with a name at Rivet.