commercial Services

While requiring high quality, timely completion and economical costs, owners realize they may not have all the know-how, connections and expertise to attain these goals. That is why Savvy-owners – who also crave peace of mind – retain one of Rivet’s credentialed specialists to lead their projects. In addition owners gain complete satisfaction with all program requirements and have the time to focus on their own core business. At Rivet, our sole focus is to represent the interests of our clients.

While Rivet has the connections and abilities to create a ‘from scratch’ construction team, we can also collaborate with your own staff or favoured providers.

Rivet Management can Assist your business in the following areas:

  • Contract administration

  • Project documentation support– design program requirements, trade scope definition, tendering and quote analysis

  • Project scheduling and monitoring

  • Cost control and management

  • Disbursement reviews

  • Referrals – design consultants, superintendents, all trades, Labour, furnishings, maintenance, etc

  • Procurement

  • Dispute avoidance and resolution

  • Site Management

  • Various project support – permits, meter applications

  • Representation during warranty period

  • Project close-out portfolio’s


Owners Construction Representative

General contractors (GC) or construction managers (CM) are often not single minded. Generally these entities are compensated based on not only their own ‘in house’ costs, but also percentage fees based on time and complete contract values; thus as costs escalate or deadlines are extend, they stand to gain financial reward while the client loses time and money. Throughout the construction process these GC/CM’s also stand to gain more earnings when short cuts are taken and corners are cut.